Fritz is a granular effects device capable of complex and psychedelic effects including pitch shifting, drone synthesis, stutters, glitches, reverbs, pitch smearing, time smearing, chord generation, texture clouds, sonic bursting, and many effects that are too strange to be named.

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Nostromo is a spectrum table based synth for the Reason Rack, designed to provide a never ending source of auditory modulation and changing textures.

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High Resolution Spectrums and Waveform Catalog

Bonus Refills
More Bass, FX, Mono Synth, Poly Synth, Pads, Percussion, and Textures.

Nostromo Generation Alpha (43M)
Nostromo Generation Beta (43M)
Nostromo Generation Gamma (43M)
Nostromo Generation Delta (44M)
Nostromo Generation Epsilon (44M) [NEW]
Nostromo Generation Zeta (44M) [NEW]


PSQ-1684 is a combination of 16 pulse generators mapped to a grid, 8 analog style sequencers, and 4 CV note quantizers. Inspired by popular eurorack modules.

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Lectric Panda Procedurally Generated Refills

Each Refill contains thousands of generated patches, breaching new sonic dimensions in your existing Reason devices. Lower patch numbers are simple and minimal. Higher patch number are more complex, dense, and generally have more modulations.

Lectric Panda Generates Alligator (18M)
Lectric Panda Generates Dual Arpeggio Vol 1.1 (99M)
Lectric Panda Generates Dual Arpeggio Vol 2.1 (99M)
Lectric Panda Generates MonoPoly (123M)
Lectric Panda Generates PX7 (123M)
Lectric Panda Generates Parsec (v1) (148M)
Lectric Panda Generates Polar (86M)
Lectric Panda Generates Pulveriser (8M)
Lectric Panda Generates Resonans (185M) [NEW]
Lectric Panda Generates Scream 4 (2M)
Lectric Panda Generates Synchronous Vol 1 (296M)
Lectric Panda Generates Synchronous Vol 2 - Pulses (296M)
Lectric Panda Generates The Echo (8M)
Lectric Panda Generates Thor (88M)

Shape LFO Editor

Shape is a freeform CV editor, looper, recorder, and envelope generator with a magnitude of modification and modulation possibilities. The device includes 5 synchronized and adjustable playheads. The capture mode allows for recoding and playback of CV signals. Includes over 9000 preset waveform patches.

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Propulsion Drum Sequencer

Propulsion is a 16 track percussion sequencer. Each lane has independent Lane length, Lane Offset, Rate divider, Step direction, Velocity Curve, Gate length, Step repeat number, Step repeat mode (First, Whole, Repeat, Ratchet ), and Auxiliary CV1 and CV2 Curve with Unipolar and Bipolar output.

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Korde Arpeggiator Sequencer

Korde is an 8 voice arpeggiator sequencer hybrid. You get a classic matrix style editor where each row is dynamically assigned a note as its played.

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Spektrum Signal Analyzer

Spektrum is a real-time spectrum analyzer for audio signals.

Skope Signal Monitor

Skope is a real-time viewer for Audio and CV signals.

Mopol CV Polyphony Merger

MoPol Polyphonic CV Merger converts 8 CV Gate/Note inputs and merges them into a single CV Gate/Note output.

Skope M4 Signal Monitor

Skope M4 is a real-time viewer for Audio and CV signals.

Janitor CV Utility

Janitor CV Shaper is a elegant and minimal way to modify your CV signals and get them sounding how you need them. It contains two independent CV shaper units, each with a visual input and output scope.

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