Cellular Automata based MIDI Sequencer. Bits from the Automata state are added to the note base parameters: Trigger, Pitch, Velocity, Duration, Slice, and Hold.
Four MIDI CC's can also be generated.

1-D Automata.
Reset every N steps.
Scalable UI.
Integrated tool tips.
Host Transport Sync.
Sample accurate MIDI Generation.
VST3 Format.

Automata 0.2.0 VST3 MacOS Universal
Automata 0.2.0 VST3 Win 64-bit

Purchase Key
[Coming Soon]
$35 USD



Minimal Gain Stage amplifier with Peak, RMS, Crest Factor metering.

Customizible meter ranges and offsets.
Gain nudge buttons.
Quick adjust RMS integration time.
ITU BS.1770 K-Weight Metering toggle.
Scalable UI.
Integrated tool tips.
VST3 Format.

Stage 0.2.0 VST3 MacOS Universal
Stage 0.2.0 VST3 Win 64-bit

Purchase Key
[Coming Soon]
$15 USD


MDSQ is a minimal drum sequencer player for Reason that allows the user craft beats in a compact form. It was Inspired by the ReDrum sequencer and expanded into the player format to control all percussion sound generators. It supports 8 patterns and 16 drum parts per pattern.

Operation Manual

Aggregate Music System

Aggregate is a generative music player for Reason that allows the user to control metaparameters of music composition. Lists of values are iterated over with time durations then aggregated with other lists such that they change over time in complex ways. Users define a rhythm, scale, and chord progression which are then used as the basis for two separate generators, a melody generator and an accompaniment generator. The musical results can then be further mutated with two separate mutation engines.

Operation Manual


Evolution is a generative player that uses seeded, deterministic random numbers. These numbers are locked against the transport timeline, which allows replay, looping, and repeatable pattern-to-track functionality. Rhythmic pattern generation and sequence variations are rooted in the Schillinger System of Musical Composition.

Operation Manual


Kompulsion is a Player Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason. It has two major modes of operation. The first mode is the traditional matrix-style sequencer with selectable key and scale. The second mode is the arpeggiator, which uses incoming notes to fill out the scale. Each row in the matrix (S1-S16) acts as its own mini monophonic sequencer. The best parts of Korde and Propulsion are now merged into the Kompulsion Player.

Operation Manual

Torsion Texture Lab

Torsion is a granular audio device. Samples are played back in small segments called grains. Many grains can play back at the same time, each with its own snapshot of parameters. This simple mechanism can create complex and psychedelic sounds including drone synthesis, stutters, glitches, reverbs, pitch smearing, time smearing, chord generation, texture clouds, sonic bursting, and many sounds that are too strange to be named.

Operation Manual

RND Generator Randomizer

RND is a Player Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason. It has MIDI randomizer that modifies incoming values. There are also four pulse note generators.

Operation Manual


PSQ-1684 is a combination of 16 pulse generators mapped to a grid, 8 analog style sequencers, and 4 CV note quantizers. Inspired by popular eurorack modules.

Operation Manual


Fritz is a granular effects device capable of complex and psychedelic effects including pitch shifting, drone synthesis, stutters, glitches, reverbs, pitch smearing, time smearing, chord generation, texture clouds, sonic bursting, and many effects that are too strange to be named.

Operation Manual


Nostromo is a spectrum table based synth for the Reason Rack, designed to provide a never ending source of auditory modulation and changing textures.

Operation Manual
High Resolution Spectrums and Waveform Catalog

Bonus Refills
More Bass, FX, Mono Synth, Poly Synth, Pads, Percussion, and Textures.

Nostromo Generation Alpha (43M)
Nostromo Generation Beta (43M)
Nostromo Generation Gamma (43M)
Nostromo Generation Delta (44M)
Nostromo Generation Epsilon (44M) [NEW]
Nostromo Generation Zeta (44M) [NEW]

Rostnomo Random Synthesizer

The core of the Nostromo synth has been rolled into a small 2 unit device. It contains the same powerful procedural panda patch generation engine.


ZFO-2 CV Oscillators

ZFO-2 is a dual CV Oscillator for the Reason Rack, designed to give you an unlimited amount of creative control signals.

DYN-4 Dynamic Processor

DYN-4 is a quad dynamic effects processor for the Reason Rack, designed to hammer your audio into an acceptable range.

CV Player Tap

CV Player Tap is a minimal device that converts classic CV Gate and Note control into the Player format. It also takes any incoming Player MIDI data and separates each voice into its own CV Gate and Note output for player chaining.


Loudness Peak Meter

LPM provides a EBU R128 compliant Loudness Meter in a single rack unit.


AMP is a very minimal device hosting two level control elements. The first is a Voltage Controlled Amplifier, which allows for precise automation and CV control of audio attenuation. Great for drawing full range automation curves and envelopes. The second stage is an output gain adjustment allowing for -96db of attenuation to 96db of boost.

Shape LFO Editor

Shape is a freeform CV editor, looper, recorder, and envelope generator with a magnitude of modification and modulation possibilities. The device includes 5 synchronized and adjustable playheads. The capture mode allows for recoding and playback of CV signals. Includes over 9000 preset waveform patches.

Operation Manual

Propulsion Drum Sequencer

Propulsion is a 16 track percussion sequencer. Each lane has independent Lane length, Lane Offset, Rate divider, Step direction, Velocity Curve, Gate length, Step repeat number, Step repeat mode (First, Whole, Repeat, Ratchet ), and Auxiliary CV1 and CV2 Curve with Unipolar and Bipolar output.

Operation Manual

Korde Arpeggiator Sequencer

Korde is an 8 voice arpeggiator sequencer hybrid. You get a classic matrix style editor where each row is dynamically assigned a note as its played.

Operation Manual

Spektrum Signal Analyzer

Spektrum is a real-time spectrum analyzer for audio signals.

Skope Signal Monitor

Skope is a real-time viewer for Audio and CV signals.

Mopol CV Polyphony Merger

MoPol Polyphonic CV Merger converts 8 CV Gate/Note inputs and merges them into a single CV Gate/Note output.


Skope M4 Signal Monitor

Skope M4 is a real-time viewer for Audio and CV signals.

Janitor CV Utility

Janitor CV Shaper is a elegant and minimal way to modify your CV signals and get them sounding how you need them. It contains two independent CV shaper units, each with a visual input and output scope.

Operation Manual